Sun and beach on Fuerteventura

Sun and beach on Fuerteventura


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Sun & beach

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The beach in the east of Fuerteventura is ideal for Sun-hungry, bath friends and sandpipers. Fuerte offers for it over 50km finest sand beaches gold-yellow, absolutely cleanly and over wide ranges completely uncultivated - the most beautiful beaches of Europe. Differently than in many tropical vacation countries there is no dangerous or poisonous animals and no danger of infections here. Those are ideal conditions for one bath vacation with children.

The highly transparent clean water load again and again to bathe, many places are whole without stones, ideally also for children. A benefit is the play with the surf, which runs out here completely gently in the flat sand. The view to the horizon is simply splendourful, unbelievably is this width under radiating blue sky.

Edge of bathing

Between the volcanic rock are fantastically beautiful bays, in which one can refuel extensively sun. But please caution, we it are here close at the northern turning circle of the sun and that it means that in the summer the sun shines nearly perpendicular here from above. Fuerteventura is on height of the Sahara, the sun burns here correctly hot and very much more strongly than because of German beaches. To use it recommended a sun protection with at least factor 30 and to cover above all the head. On cloud shade one needs to hardly count here.

The water temperature is pleasantly recreating, we knew us always beautifully cooling, without it was too cold. The average water temperatures are with 19 degrees in the winter and 22 degrees in the summer. Neither Quallen, nor sea-hedgehogs or other unpleasant animals cloud the bath passport.

Sand beach

The largest connected beach section lies on the southern peninsula January dia. between Costa Calma and Morro Jable. Over 22 km one of the longest sand beaches of Europe extends here at the southeast coast.

Beach vacation

The view of the cliff invites to extensive beach walks.

The pictures developed at the east coast of Fuerteventura, the west coast is to be enjoyed in principle with caution. Rocky Coast determine here the picture, it before strong currents and off-coast hoists to the Westküst are generally warned, which already demanded many victims. But there are lonely small bays with sand beach between rock at the west coast Fuerteventuras.