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Beautiful sand beaches, a mild dry climate and the proximity to Europe make Fuerteventura a popular vacation island for each season. Fuerteventura, that is surrounded an expanded lava surface between volcanic mountains by the largest and most beautiful dream beaches of Europe. Contrasts, which tighten!

The island of eternal spring, how Fuerteventura is also called, offers a gentle nature-connected tourism in the island inside like also hotels, hotel chains and clubs at the beaches. Here something is to be found and particularly in the transition period can one all right favorably on Fuerteventura vacation make in each Price category and for each taste.

beautiful weather on Fuerteventura

The climate on Fuerteventura is very mild for European conditions and rocken, ideal vacation weather from January to Decembers! The water temperatures around 20 degrees and fine sand beaches invite to bathing.

Sun, sand beach, sea

Water haven is absolutely announced on Fuerte, because the constant trade wind supplies ideal conditions for Sailer, Surfer and Kitesurfer. Also divers come here fully at their expense, large fish variety, pleasant temperatures and clear water with outstanding visibilities provide for super conditions.